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How ChatGPT will power ApexEdge’s next generation product and workforce

The public launch of generative AI in the form of ChatGPT is greasing the creative wheels for the impact of these types of technology. We’re seeing experts and firms scurrying, just trying to wrap their minds and their hands around AI.

And now, in one of the first use cases in financial services, ApexEdge, which offers bill cancellation and negotiation technology to FIs, is building its next generation of product with ChatGPT at its core.

Generative AI is unleashing a new set of use cases within financial services to do existing things more efficiently, and also to do new things that weren’t possible to do before. 


Download this guide to learn more about

  • How ChatGPT is helping ApexEdge to decouple growth from hiring and scale more efficiently

  • The challenges and opportunities of using generative AI in financial services

  • Where there are opportunities to deploy ChatGPT that can make an impact today and in the future

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